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Introducing our new in-house Agfa Tauro H2500 Heavy-duty UV LED wide-format inkjet printer for rigid and flexible media.

The high-end hybrid Tauro H2500 utilizes UV LED curing to deliver stunning prints in six colors plus white or primer on both flexible and rigid materials with a maximum width of 2.54 m. Boasting a printing speed of up to 390 m²/h, it has the power to enhance your productivity.

Extremely vivid prints for a wide range of applications.

A versatile hybrid printer, the Tauro H2500 prints on a wide variety of media including banners, posters, signage (e.g. traffic or industrial information), exhibit graphics, POP, mockups, backlit, front-lit, self-adhesives (labels), etc.

It can also be used for niche applications such as wood, art reproductions, party favors, architectural and interior decoration and more.

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