The first clue to how long RAM DI has been delivering value to its clients since 1996 can be found in its name.

When Gus Amantea started the company in 1996, the use of computer technology in the printing industry was in its infancy.

In those days, scanners routinely carried a hefty $4000 price tag. A MAC - try $5000 plus.

To suggest conditions were challenging would be an understatement.

In order to gain foothold and develop some momentum, Gus teamed up with a friend who owned an advertising agency and RAM Digital Imaging was born.

The company name pays homage to one of the early forms of computer data storage - Random-access memory (RAM) - one of the early forms of computer storage that would revolutionize the imaging industry.


Ironically, the first big break Gus and his partner got came from an old school strategy.

In an effort to drum up business, they’d put a sign on the street.

That sign attracted a very big fish - the Toronto office of Pricewaterhouse Coopers - a multinational professional services network headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Almost overnight, RAM was providing them with a variety of printing and copying services.

It gave Gus and his partner an opportunity to say goodbye to their copier which was cranking out 11” x 17” images at a painstaking 8 minutes.

But that wasn’t the only significant computer technology growing pain to address if the company was going to thrive.

File preparation was non-existent. Gus would routinely spend 16-22 hours a week to figure out what was wrong with a file using an old MAC and a PC.

The saving grace was that the entire industry was struggling with the emerging technology.

Then, in 2001, another huge break.

Gus enrolled in the Canadian PrePress Institute - a hotbed of knowledgeable teachers, where, over a year and a half, he was able to fast track his knowledge of computers and industry programs.

That experience allowed him to quickly move into large format printing - a service the company specializes in today.

RAM DI Today.

From its current location in Scarborough, RAMDI provides full-service promotional solutions customized to meet the unique needs of its clients - many of whom been there since the company began.

The company delivers superior quality and unsurpassed customer service - exactly what you’d expect from an industry pioneer whose business has  been built upon two proven success factors - a family business and one point of contact. 

  • Acrylic Printing

  • POP Displays

  • Print on Product

  • CNC Routing

  • Tradeshow Displays

  • Wall Graphics & Banners

  • Large Format Scanning

  • Digital Desktop Services

  • Digital Printing

  • Mounting & Laminating

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