The Ontario Science Centre is a science museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Science Centre has welcomed more than 53 million visitors since it opened in 1969, implementing an interactive approach adapted by science centres around the world. The Science Centre is the public centre for innovative thinking and the prime venue for public dialogue about science, technology and society.

  • Establish a more dynamic and attractive area where the personal lockers are located at the front entrance
  • Provide a thoughtful and absorbing visual experience, to replace ‘boring’ lockers
  • As the first area visited by patrons of the Science Centre we need to engage their creative thinking with highly interesting visuals


Using the 3M Anti Graffiti Adhesive, Ram DI was able to produce stunning visual graphics which are then applied directly to each locker.  Immediately the entire locker area of Science Centre has an explosively colourful experience for all visitors and have taken a mundane part of the museum and turned it into a display experience.

With 3M Anti Graffiti Adhesive the lockers can be kept free from any type of graffiti as well as to make the surface scratch resistant and durable for years to come.

Features and Benefits of 3M Anti Graffiti Adhesive

  • A PVDF polymer blend film of 40 µm for lamination over another film substrate.
  • Permanent acrylic adhesive, long life resistant film. It is designed to protect graphics and surfaces from graffiti, scratches & gouges providing a protective barrier.
  • It can withstand harsh solvents that are needed to remove the graffiti.
  • Suitable for flat and curved surfaces, also 3D.
  • Newest generation film.


Applying the adhesive to all lockers has given life to a large area of the museum.  The staff of the museum were ‘blown away’ with how colourful and interesting this area is now.  Sure to be a HUGE hit for visitors, we hope you too get a chance to visit the area and take in the ‘awesomeness’ of the bright and colourful photography.


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